Directorate of Information Communication and Technology

Mission Statement

The unit which is responsible for all ICT related in Ministry. It is headed by a Principal ICT Officer. The mission of the Directorate of ICT in the Ministry Finance is to serve as a provider of effective ICT services, foster the use and application of IT to the needs of the Ministry, and an enabler in helping the Ministry to embrace new practices and tools that enhance workflow productivity. The ICT directorate aims to provide high quality and effective IT service delivery that is responsive to the needs of the Ministry and its Partners.

Lang Loum

Lang Loum
Head of IT

Lang Loum has over 8 years experience in ICT software development and training. He is a firm believer of ICT4D and has worked in many youth related ICT projects in the Gambia. He joined the ministry in 2017 as a Principal ICT Officer. Prior to joining the Ministry, he worked as a lecturer at University of the Gambia, lecturing courses in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Lang holds a Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Management Systems.

He currently serves as the Vice-chair of Internet Society Gambian Chapter and as an adjunct Faculty Member, School of ICT, University of The Gambia.

In 2015, he was selected alongside 500 young Africans under the flagship program of former President Obama's Mandela Washington Fellowship know as Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), as a one of the young African Leaders to undergo a six weeks training in Business and Entrepreneurship in the US.

  • Core Mandate

    The ICT Department is responsible for providing and maintaining computing and internet requirements, including hardware, system software, networking and internet facilities. It also act as System Administrator for the Aid Management Platform (AMP) , Commonwealth Secretariat- Debt Recording Management System (CS-DRMS) applications among others.


    • Provide a sustainable enterprise-wide information system in the Ministry that will enhance fast, easy and cheap access to information within and outside the Ministry.
    • Support national budget preparation through the inputting of data into the IFMIS system from submissions and typing and formatting of budget document.
    • Provide maintenance services on all Hardware, Software, Local Area Network (LAN) and other ICT related infrastructure of the Ministry.
    • Provide blueprint or proposal for the process of re-engineering and transformation of the Ministry’s manual methods into automated functional systems;
    • Develop in-house capacity to operate and manage the vast ICT resources in the Ministry through hands on training.
    • Maintain an update the Ministry’s website and provide unhindered connectivity to the global information community;
    • Support other service-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with the Ministry;
    • Offer technical support to Directorates, Units, Sections and individual user;
    • Support other service-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with the Ministry;
    • Advise the management at all levels on the need for constant update of ICT infrastructure;
    • Supervise the implementation of ICT capital projects for the Ministry;
    • Represent the Ministry on all ICT related gatherings
    • It is responsible for managing pilot ICT projects within the Ministry and central ICT services provided by through user support group.
    • Develop ICT policies and standards for the Ministry
    • Secure and maintain both the network and IT systems within the Ministry.
  • Strategies

    The Department will develop, install, and operate

    • shared databases,
    • Web Portal offering interactive multimedia tools for information sharing and exchange, and
    • develop policies and standard regarding ICT use and access
    • improve physical and network security
    • Provide a cohesive and responsive operating environment
    • Enhanced inter government services
    • develop and maintain unique IT services and applications for the Ministry
    • Provide leadership and planning for the effective and strategic use of technologies.
    • Demonstrate technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.
  • Key Values

    The Directorate ICT seeks to achieve its objectives through the following Core Values. We seek to be committed to:

    • Continuous Improvement of ICT service and systems: We strive for operational excellence through continuous improvement strategy in this dynamic area of ours
    • Teamwork: We are dedicated to working together, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships with the ministry and stakeholders.
    • Listen: We listen to, respect, and care for staff both professionally and personally.
    • Innovation: We seek to encourage creative and critical thinking in the delivery and maintenance of technology services.
    • Service: We strive to provide quality and timely service by being consistent, agile, reliable, and accessible to all.
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