Fuel Prices as of May 2020

Fuel Prices as of May 2020

Fuel Prices as of May 2020


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is pleased to inform the general public that during the time when the prices of petroleum products were low in the world market and economies grappling with the challenges of economic downfall, the government of The Gambia correspondingly reduced fuel prices all over the country to respond to transport challenges faced mainly by commercial transporters.

Now that most countries in the world are raising fuel prices as a post covid-19 strategy to cover-up losses from the pandemic, the government of The Gambia still maintains the current fuel prices which were brought down as a result of mitigating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It could be noted that effective 1st May, 2020, retail fuel prices throughout The Gambia were reduced to:

  • Petrol - D40 per litre from 49.36 per litre (a reduction of D9.36)
  • Diesel - D43 per litre from D50.04 per litre (a reduction of D7.04)
  • Kerosene - D30 per litre from D41.35 per litre (a reduction of D11.35)

These prices are still in effect and will continue to be the actual prices for the month of July, 2020.

Ebrima S. Jallow

Information Officer


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