Project Coordnation Unit

Core Mandate

  • Overseas and manages the implementation of all project activities under the purview of the Ministry
  • Facilitates the evaluation, appraisal, negotiation and implementation process of the projects within the Ministry
  • Interface between the ministry/ beneficiaries and the donors in the implementation of development projects within the Ministry
  • Carry out the procurement, financial management, monitoring and evaluation activities of the projects
  • Provides the Government as well as the donors the project implementation progress reports on monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Key Objective

    In the drive to achieved efficient and timely execution of projects, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs have established the Project Coordination Unit. The establishment of the Unit helps save resources in terms of avoiding the duplication Project Implementation Units for each individual project for the ministry.

    Currently PCU manages the following projects within the Ministry:

    • Integrated Financial Management System 1 &1( World Bank)
    • Institutional Support For Economic and Financial Governance (ADB)
    • Inclusive Growth Promotion Institutional Support Project (ADB)
    • The Green Climate Fund (GCF)
    • Economic Management Project (UNDP)
  • Key Achievements
    • Produced regularly quarterly implementation progress report
    • Coordinated project steering and implementation committees meetings
    • Supported donor implementation support missions
    • Monitored and supervised contracts administer by the project
    • Supported the capacity development initiatives of the project beneficiaries
  • Downloads (1)
    Annual Consolidated Projects Report (2019)- Projects Coordination Unit
    Annual Consolidated Projects Report (2019)- Projects Coordination Unit

    As projects deal with uncertainties, the need for reporting becomes integral element of project management. Thus, it is incumbent upon the Projects Coordination Unit (PCU) like any other similar set-up to provide periodic project implementation progress reports to stakeholders. This is one of those reporting obligations for the PCU and has always been met and on a timely basis.

    This Consolidated Annual Project Report for 2019 contains progress of achievements and challenges encountered in the execution of the respective projects for the reporting year. The PCU achieved some measurable progress in the implementation of the projects under its purview by unlocking some critical problems particularly on procurement related matters that impacted on the performances of the projects. The achievements for the year under review could not have been registered without the dedication of the entire PCU Team and cooperation of stakeholders. That is, because the Team focused on the challenges as a way out to deliver results into ultimate meaningful accomplishments. The PCU coined a motivational slogan called “Results Without Borders” which yielded dividend in the course of implementing activities.

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